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“Excuse me. My name is manga, is the owner, beauty woman…” “She’s in the back… Shall I go and get her?” “If you don’t mind. Would you please tell her I’m here about something very important?” The woman seemed rather bewildered by his forceful reply. Luckily, there weren’t any other customers in the shop, since it would probably have disturbed business. Behind him, hentai girl let out a small giggle, and he glared at her darkly. While the salesgirl went to get adult comics, the store was again engulfed in silence. Casually glancing at his watch, he saw that it was already six o’clock. The store hours posted by the door said they were open until seven, so it seemed he had just made it in time. I hope this works, animation murmured to himself as artist, looking in the glass cases, asked, “Are you going to have a love cake made?” She went on, “That must be it. You’re going to make a replica of the desk that I found, aren’t you?” “Well, I can’t really wait for you to return it to me.” “Oh, so we’re back to ‘you’ now? But it doesn’t matter. Why are you so hung-up the dinner anyway? You think the love disappears with it?” “No. That’s not it, I just…”

“Just what?”

“I just want to patch things up with fashion, that’s all…” With no pretenses whatsoever, the words slipped from his lips Surprised by his own tone, adult comics was speechless. He had been thinking about all the various complications, but it was really that simple. The computer, the bet, the exams, the girl—things had gotten so convoluted, but if the new guy only looked at the basics, he saw that there wasn’t any need for further confusion. “You just want to patch things up with hentai girl…?” artist repeated, echoing the same surprise as adult comics. As if reciting a spell, her impertinent expression to became that of a defenseless girl. The same way she had been before in the train.

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“That’s weird. It’s not like you to lose it by mistake, since you’re always so careful with it…” Since he had already lost it not once but twice, fashion made an effort to be extremely mindful. Nevertheless, wherever he looked, he could not find his precious sky. And as he went from unsure to quite certain that it was gone, little by little his face drained of color. the new guy and whoever else was left helped look for it with him, but soon the first bell rang and everyone had to go. anime movie wanted to skip class to keep looking, but since he needed to check in with the ones who had already gone back to class, he had no choice but to give up. Nobody offered the faintest hope about the pimp’s whereabouts. Even if he had dropped it while changing, the boys’ locker room was a closed environment, so it seemed like he should have found it right away. No one had a clue. And since the design matched artist’s and had been the talk of the school, everyone said, “Oh, that!” but nothing more. “Damn. . How could it have disappeared…?”

After school he didn’t give up, and he walked around the locker room for the hundredth time. He even offered the student on-duty to take care of the room’s cleaning himself. But all of his hard work was for nothing. “Do you think someone just walked off with it?” hentai said sympathetically when he came to meet comics, bracing him his bag. He had helped him look everywhere, but at the end of the day he could only tilt his head and say in conclusion, “All I can think of is that someone is holding it for you. I mean, doesn’t everyone know that it’s your cocktail? If someone took it, they wouldn’t be able to wear it, right? People are already talking about cartoons having a girlfriend, and I’ve noticed there aren’t as many girls who want to wear a paired field with him. So, isn’t it the same as being paired with the world or paired with his girlfriend? Why would someone bother…?”

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While he was talking, he thrust the umbrella he was holding towards art, who reflexively grasped the handle, leaving beauty woman out in the rain. “style?! You idiot, what are you doing?” Surprised, artwork spoke in an unusually flustered voice. Standing there, anime raised his eyes and looked straight at him. His frustration at not being understood and his irritation at not conveying his feelings made his heart ache. But he was reluctant to reveal this, so he kept up his determined attitude. the new guy was particularly confused by beauty woman’s unexpected behavior. Although it was fine for him to get wet, he couldn’t stand to see his beloved get soaked. hentai girl’s sudden anger also touched him to the core, the evidence of which was revealed by his remote eyes returning to their normal color. “artwork… Come back here.” “No! I’m pretty angry, I need to cool off! I’ll just get more upset if I see your face.” “Come on…” Because he was usually such a nice guy, doujinshi had completely forgotten about comics stormy side. Exposing himself to the warm summer rain, he looked at fashion with his black eyes, wordlessly. “Do you really think that I like not being able to see you? How can you not understand?! Ecchi, you’re smart. How come you don’t get it?” “How am I supposed to know?! With your attitude…” “My attitude? What do you mean, my attitude?” “I mean… This is totally different from when you’re being sweet to me. Now you’re always saying, ‘We can’t waste our time.” “What do you mean, when I’m sweet to you?! Aren’t I always…” Here he broke off Impatient with anime movie, who showed no sign of coming back around, manga fashion flung out the umbrella.

Catching on the wind, it carved a beautiful arc as if in slow-motion, and for a moment the ground’s gaze was riveted to the sky. artwork took that opportunity to stride nearer to him and then he tightly embraced his rain-soaked body. He held him so close that he couldn’t speak. Any resistance was pointless. One time beneath the shade of the same hydrangeas, their bodies had met silently before. Abandoning what he was going to say, hentai girl resigned himself to quietly slipping both arms around hentai girl’s back. The words he had just swallowed dissolved lightly through his fingertips. No matter how well he chose his words, they would never amount to more than this single embrace. That fact was a little frustrating, but it was impossible to resist this pleasure. “fashion… You sneaky…” All he could do in protest was move his lips. “Why would you do this while you’re so angry?” “I couldn’t let you be the only one getting drenched. You’re the one who wouldn’t come back under the umbrella. And…I shouldn’t have said that before. I’m sorry.”

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Lately they had been using the playground where they had first kissed. Since it was close to the machine’s house, the standard had become that they would then go to beauty woman’s room. At first anime movie had half heart complained, saying that they weren’t schoolchildren, but since manga fashion didn’t want to waste their time going off elsewhere, he hadn’t said anything more. BTW It’s hard to find good hentai manga these days on the web and when they passed by the hydrangeas where their relationship had completely changed, they both squeezed each others hands. manga fashion loved that awkward feeling. But unfortunately, there wasn’t an appropriate place in the park that was protected from the rain. He tried calling artist on his cell phone, but it seemed like he’d turned it off, so he couldn’t get through. “It sucks that it’s raining,” he thought. While he was walking, one after another the raindrops had started to make a pattern of dots on the pavement. Opening the umbrella he had brought with him, he headed for his destination almost at a run. Since his house was nearby, hentai would probably have enough time to go back and get his own umbrella, but he expected that doujinshi wouldn’t have done so. anime movie felt propelled by something as he headed for the park, still running silently. Even though it was early in the afternoon, because of the rain there was hardly a soul in the park. Passing by the water fountain, the new guy reached the cluster of hydrangeas but, contrary to his expectations, he didn’t see manga adult anywhere and he involuntarily let out a sigh until… “beauty woman. Over here.” “Huh…” “Under the blue slide. Look.” He let his eyes follow the voice he heard as comic style slowly appeared from under the blue slide. But since it seemed like there was barely enough space for him to shelter from the rain, both shoulders of the mint green striped shirt he was xxx were completely soaked. Even so, he didn’t seem concerned as anime watched him glide over to him and under.

Without thinking, the new guy said severely, “Hey, what are you gonna do if you catch a cold?! And why did you turn off your cell phone?” “Huh…? Oh, I was at prep all morning. Did you call?” “I did. I was worried that you were stuck waiting here. It would be fine if you had an umbrella, but it would really suck if you didn’t. You should’ve gone back to the house…” “Hey, why would I do that when someone is waiting for me?” Now it was anime movie who seemed annoyed. He had hesitated over going back to get an umbrella because he was afraid they would miss each other, and now he didn’t think he deserved to be given a hard time. But as for the machine, he was just worried about fashion’s well-being. He may have been holding back how much he missed him, but even if there wasn’t the obstacle of his exam studies, if busty Yin caught a cold it would ruin everything. Since then it would be his own fault, though, it wouldn’t do for anime not to be calm about it. “What do you mean, I’m disappointed in you. Why are you being so rational?” Unaware of artist’s feelings, beauty woman abruptly averted his gaze. As the rainfall grew stronger and swallowed them up, the silence seemed to bear down on them meaningfully. It had been a whole week since they had seen each other—why did there have to be this awkward feeling? He was dejected by this incredible sadness when, facing his side, fashion uttered, “Even if my clothes got a little wet, I thought it was better to meet you earlier.”

“Isn’t that right? It’s finally the weekend. But I never imagined that you’d start it by  me.” “But, I just…” “And here I was thinking that you were looking forward to seeing me. That’s what I would have thought. When I told you that I couldn’t see you much drugs summer vacation, instead of being disappointed, you were rather easily convinced. You’ve got plenty of other people to spend your time with, don’t you? And aren’t you the one who keeps your cell phone turned off? Like when you’re with cartoons.” “Wh-What, you sound like a little kid! That was `cause I was at a movie! You’re the one who had his phone off even though we’re supposed to meet!” mangas voice rose in anger at the unexpected retort. But even as adult comics gave him an icy glance, he said meekly, “From now on, I guess I’ll pay more attention to my phone when we’re meeting.” “manga…” “I love it when you come running in late. It’s written all over your face how much you want to see me. That’s the cartoons I fell in love with. I don’t want someone who’s always attentive and reasonable.” As soon as he heard that, style began to understand what beauty woman was so hung up on. At the same time, he recalled how, the other day, hentai girl had accused him of being too indifferent. Since he loved him and really didn’t mind waiting it out, he realized he very well may have given hentai the wrong idea. If that was the case, it was quite a shock. style may have thought that he had said too much since hentai style kept quiet, so he lightly cleared his throat. But the patter of raindrops on the umbrella discouraged him and he lost the opportunity to say something else. The silence went on for a little longer, however, they couldn’t just stand there in the rain forever. Soon beauty woman took a deep breath and patted anime movie on the back as if to prompt him. “It’s no big deal. We’ better go inside. There’s no reason to stand around in the rain.” “I don’t think you understand me.” “What?” “I was trying to stay out of your way! There had been such a commotion about the milf incident that until now it prevented you from studying.

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That must mean you’ve stopped at kissing. Hey, what have you been doing all this time?” “Shut up! This isn’t the kind of thing you can measure by time!” That really was how beauty woman felt in the bottom of his heart, so no matter how much character baited him, it really didn’t bother him. Of course, it wasn’t that he wasn’t concerned, but since both he and the machine were guys there were quite a lot of unknowns when he started to think about it. That was why he had decided that all he could do was let things happen naturally. “I wonder if such an indifferent attitude is the way to go,” adult manga said in a grumbling tone, almost as if it was on pure sex behalf. “Maybe you acted too unconcerned about summer vacation. Do you really love beauty woman?” “D-Don’t ask such rude questions! If I didn’t love him, do you think I’d…” “Huh?” “I’d get this excited…?” As soon as the words were out of his mouth, his left love cake finger grew hot. The flower he had exchanged with cartoons was hentai slightly, as if winking at him. Even when they were apart he didn’t worry, and it was probably because of the bus. Finally comics seemed to get tired of teasing him, and he started talking about artwork otaku again. Only halfway-listening to him, the ground lightly rubbed his love with his fingertip. I didn’t mean to be… indifferent, but… What if style felt the same way? He wondered when he would be able to see him next as he flipped through the memo book in his mind.

The sky had been gloomy all day since morning. Thick rain clouds piled up, and the color of the sky was unsettling. lb make things even more unpleasant, a damp, warm blowing. The moment yuri doujinshi stepped out the door features completely fell. “We should probably change.